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Our Promise

The invention of the Original VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastener in the 1950’s has transformed the world and continues to inspire us today.

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History of VELCRO(r) Brand Products

Our Story

Our story began in 1941 with a walk in the woods. Learn how this simple act helped create an iconic global Brand.

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Success with NASA

Velcro Companies is one of a few that can say our products were on the moon in 1969. Learn how we played an integral role in that historic event and beyond.

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Timeline of Innovation

We have a long and rich history of innovation. Learn about the many events and major milestones that helped shape who we are and continue to inspire us today.

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The VELCRO® Brand & Trademark Guidelines

The VELCRO® Brand is loved around the globe and is a registered trademark in almost every country. To protect our trademark, it must be used properly at all times.

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Innovation & Technology

Our ORIGINAL THINKING® created hook and loop and became one of the most well known examples of biomimicry. We continue to create innovations that improve daily life.

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Who we Are

We are the inventors of hook and loop. Our ORIGINAL THINKING® continues to inspire us today as we challenge how things are done in order to find the best way to solve problems.

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