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Our Promise.

Our story begins with the invention of the Original VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fastener more than 60 years ago. This invention has gone on to transform the world one strip at a time and continues to inspire us today.

Innovation is born from ORIGINAL THINKING®.

We bring ORIGINAL THINKING® to everything we do.

This is bigger than thinking big. This is ORIGINAL THINKING®.

Collaborating with Apparel Industry Leaders

Following a “design for recycling” approach, we created a hook and loop product made from 100% recycled textile waste for ZARA’s new jacket made only from loopamid®. Learn more about our other footwear and apparel solutions.

Inditex Zara Recyclable Jacket

VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ Fastener

The VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ Fastener is a soft,
non-abrasive fastener, perfect for applications close to the
skin that require a durable, high-performance closure.


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