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Home Improvement and decorating

Home Improvement and decorating

The most important tool in your toolbox

Take your weekends back. Tackle your to-do list in record time with the strength and durability of VELCRO® Brand products.

Products for Home Improvement and Decorating

VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength

VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength Strips

VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength strips and tape are the most versatile tool in your toolbox and offer powerful solutions for tough projects. Need to get your basement in order? Industrial Strength fasteners to the rescue. Organize all of your tools, so they are just where you want them. Stock your toolbox with VELCRO® Brand Heavy Duty products and be prepared for anything.

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VELCRO® Brand ECO Collection Straps for cable management

VELCRO® Brand ECO Collection Straps

Sustainable organization! Who knew? In and around the house, VELCRO® Brand Eco Collection can help you organize, revitalize, and inspire your creative side. Say good-bye to chaos and hello to sustainable choices. VELCRO® Brand Eco Collection offers sustainable solutions for all your projects. Oh, and did we mention they are made from 30%-70% recycled material?

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VELCRO® Brand 3. HANGables™ Strips

VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Removable Strips

With VELCRO® Brand HANGables® Removable Wall Fasteners it’s never been easier to hang items and organize your living spaces! Hang your favorite items. Then, when you’re ready to remove, peel off cleanly. Show off your original style easily and damage-free with HANGables® Removable Strips & Hooks.

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The modern world has a tendency to get a little messy. Our VELCRO® Brand reusable straps and ties are a neat and simple way to bundle, secure, and carry the awkward clutter of life. Strong, adjustable, and reusable and available in a variety of sizes and styles. VELCRO® Brand has an original solution perfectly suited for your next project!

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VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor Strips

VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor Strips

VELCRO® Brand Extreme Outdoor fasteners feature an all-weather, UV-resistant adhesive for rough surfaces including concrete and certain types of brick. Superior holding power meets the requirements of demanding indoor and outdoor applications without drilling, nails, screws or epoxy.

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VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand ALFA-LOK® Strips

ALFA-LOK® fasteners pack super strong holding power into mere inches of hook to hook engagement. Small pieces, like the one-inch squares or 3 in x 1 in strips, will get most jobs done. We recommend one square inch of fastener for each 2.5 pounds of load, not to exceed a total weight of 15 pounds.

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Customize your workshop with these 5 nifty hacks for better organization.

Hang wall decorations and photos without the mess or damage of a hammer and nails.

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